NEOITA Women’s Interclub Tennis League

League Rules

Updated April 2019


Playing Levels

The league will be divided into five playing levels including 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0+. There will be also be two age 50+ division offered at the combined ratings of 6.5 and 7.0.



All league participants shall be rostered to only one league team in any division.  If a player participates in the league and has not been declared on any team roster, that player will become rostered for the team for which she plays her first match. She can only be rostered for ONE team per division, but can SUBSTITUTE for other teams.   The league wishes to strengthen club loyalty by encouraging players to be part of a team rather than serve as “nomad” players playing for multiple clubs.  If a team is shorthanded for a given match, the league preference is to promote up to two players at the next level down from within your own club.  If all other options are exhausted, an individual player may substitute for one or more other clubs up to FOUR times during the year in an effort to limit forfeits. Players at clubs with more than ONE team per level can help the other same level team as often as they need to without penalty. Players within clubs can substitute a level up on a team an unlimited number of times.


 If a player does NOT have a USTA rating-confirmation of rating from the club's pro is needed.  It is the intent of the league, that the players on a specific team are at the designated level.


All league participants must be eighteen (18) years or older, by the calendar year.


Club captains should make all players aware of the league rules.  These rules will be posted at www.akron.tenniscores.com.


League Season

The league will offer two seasons.  The fall season will be played September 5, 2018 - December 21, 2018 (off November 21 & 23, 2018). The spring season will be played, dates TBD.


Match Format

  • Each match consists of one (1) singles court and three (3) doubles courts. 6.5 and 7.0 senior consists of (3) doubles courts.
  • Line-ups should be played in order of strength.
  • Line-ups are exchanged simultaneously, 15 minutes prior to the start of the match.
  • Players may play up 1/2 level only with a limit of 2 players per team per match playing up. There is no stacking.  On the 6.5 and 7.0 senior level the combined rating of the partners can not exceed the division level. 

Captains are expected to report 15 minutes prior to the scheduled match time to exchange line-up and to pay for the match when responsible. 

Match Times:

  • 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0+ levels will be played on Fridays with start times between 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • 6.5 senior will be played on Wednesday with start times between 11:00 a.m.  - 12:30 p.m.
  • 7.0 senior will be played on Tuesday with start times between 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Lateness Penalties

All participants must be on time and ready to play at the scheduled time. Matches will start 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, allowing for a ten (10) minute warm up period, including serves. Punctuality is necessary to ensure the full use of the allotted warm up time.  If a player is 15 minutes late, she forfeits the match. 


Cell Phones

No cell phones on the court.  Penalties are as follows:  1st time the phone rings is a warning, 2nd time the phone rings is a loss of point, 3rd time the phone rings is a loss of the game, and 4th time the phone rings is a forfeit of the match.  If you suspect an emergency, advise the club and have them come get you.



Each court will play the best two (2) out of three (3) sets using regular scoring.  At 6-6 in any set, a Set Tiebreak (first to 7, win by 2) is used to determine the winner of that set.


In the event a court splits sets, a Match Tie-breaker (first to 10, win by 2) will be utilized in lieu of a third set. 


Each court represents one (1) point for a total of four (4) possible points.  


If a player retires, only those games played should be included on the score sheet.  For example, Player 1 retires at 6-2, 0-2.  Player 1 receives credit for 6 games and 1 set.  Player 2 receives credit for 4 games, 1 set and the match.  Captains should indicate on the score sheet which player was the retiring player by writing “retired” next to that player’s name.


After each match, both captains must sign the scorecard indicating acceptance of the completed match scores.  Within 48 hours of the conclusion of each match, either team captains may input the lineups and match scores into the Tenniscores site at www.akron.tenniscores.com, as well as the Location Administrator from either club.  Both captains should VERIFY scores have been input correctly and contact the league secretary in the case of any dispute. If the league secretary is not contacted within 48 hours of conclusion of match, scores stand as is.   


Team Standings

To determine the team standings, the following USTA “League Regulation Competition Format” will be used:


  1. Winner of the most individual courts (In cases where the teams play an uneven number of matches, see ii)
  2. Highest court winning percentage
  3. Loser of the fewest number of sets (if i and ii are tied).
  4. Loser of the fewest number of games (if i, ii, and iii are tied).
  5. Only when total matches for various clubs are tied will sets or games affect the outcome of the team standings for the season winner.

Match Fees

The match fee for the visiting team players will be $16.00/per person.  The match fee for the home team players will be determined by each club. 


There should not be a whole team default.  You must send as many players as you can.

If only six (6) players show up, the singles match is forfeited.  If only five (5) players show up, the third doubles is forfeited.  If only four (4) players show up, the singles and third doubles are forfeited.  Forfeits must be taken from the lower courts first (e.g. third doubles or singles, then second doubles).  Never forfeit first doubles before you do second or third doubles.


If you must forfeit a court, the forfeiting captain must call the opposing captain and tell her of the situation.  The forfeiting captain should also call the club where the match is to be played.  When calling the opposing club, please indicate the forfeiting club, the level of play, and the home team captain so that the appropriate courts are cancelled.


Forfeits should be communicated by the team captain before 2:00 PM the day prior to the match:  The forfeiting club pays  the full court fee (e.g. $32 singles and $64 doubles).  Captains must come prepared to pay this fee to the home club.


The membership reserves the right to vote on team abuses of forfeits, which may result in losing the following season’s entry for play.



Five (5) minutes shall be allowed for an injury.  Players may not leave the court for any other reason than an injury or personal emergency.


If a player is injured during the warm-up, a substitute may be used for that spot. 

League Fees

The league entry fee is $50 per team per season


The club deposit fee is $100 per club which is refundable if club's teams fulfill the season schedule and do not cause rescheduling. 



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